ASX announcements

20th Dec 2018 Appendix 3B
20th Dec 2018 Technical Review Generates Further High Priority Targets
20th Dec 2018 Change of Director's Interest Notice x 3
30th Nov 2018 Results of Meeting
08th Nov 2018 Koppar Target Generation Continues
31st Oct 2018 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
19th Oct 2018 Quarterly Activities Report
19th Oct 2018 Quarterly Cashflow Report
16th Oct 2018 High Grade Results from Vangrofta
27th Sep 2018 Corporate Governance Statement
27th Sep 2018 Appendix 4G
27th Sep 2018 Annual Report to shareholders
19th Sep 2018 Sampling Confirms Copper-Cobalt Potential of Vangrofta
10th Sep 2018 Em Anomalies identified at Grimsdalen
29th Aug 2018 Koppar Expands Highly Prospective Copper Zinc Portfolio
06th Aug 2018 Ground EM survey commences at Grimsdalen-Nygruva Project
31st Jul 2018 Quarterly Activities Report
31st Jul 2018 Quarterly Cashflow Report
24th Jul 2018 Site Visit Update
20th Jul 2018 Appendix 3B
18th Jul 2018 Entitlement Issue Shortfall Notice
05th Jul 2018 Geophysics Exploration Program
04th Jul 2018 Dispatch of Prospectus and Entitlement Offer Form
27th Jun 2018 Letter to Ineligible Shareholders
27th Jun 2018 Letter to Eligible Shareholders
26th Jun 2018 Appendix 3B - Entitlement Issue
26th Jun 2018 Entitlement Issue Prospectus
30th May 2018 Appendix 3X - Initial Director Notices Burke, Oliver, Morgan
30th May 2018 KRX Appoints Consultants and commences Target Generation
28th May 2018 Securities Trading Policy
28th May 2018 Distribution Schedule
28th May 2018 Company Audited Accounts to 28 February 2018
28th May 2018 Statement of Commitments
28th May 2018 Appendix 1A, Information Form and Checklist and Annexure I
28th May 2018 Confirmation Statements
28th May 2018 Admission to Official List - 30 May 2018
28th May 2018 Constitution
28th May 2018 Capital Structure and Restricted Securities
28th May 2018 Top 20 Shareholders
28th May 2018 Koppar Resources Europe Audited accounts to 28 February 2018
28th May 2018 Prospectus